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SL4/SL7 signal towers

The bright, loud and sturdy SL7 and SL4 signal towers from Eaton's Moeller series make it easy to monitor and signal the operating states of your machines and systems. Thanks to the use of high-performance LEDs and loud acoustic modules, the signal towers reliably indicate operating states even under adverse lighting conditions. Due to their high degree of protection (IP66), challenging environments and outdoor applications do not pose any problem. The signal towers can be easily adapted to any application.

Acoustic modules:
Up to 8 different sounds
Degree of protection:
Up to 9 different options

Core features

  • LED technology for all functions and common voltages
  • High-performance LEDs for higher visibility
  • Adjustable volume levels for different environmental situations (up to 100 dB)
  • Up to eight different signal types
  • Versatile assembly options
  • Communication via SmartWire-DTTM

Fast, efficient, versatile, and unmistakable.

Eaton’s stacklights have been designed for flexible use, even under adverse installation conditions, be it a lack of ceiling clearance or situations that require different signals on each side of the device. The two available diameters of 40 mm and 70 mm ensure that the towers can be adjusted to any application. The ability to connect them via SmartWire-DT further enhances the efficiency of the devices.

Signaling operating states quickly, clearly, and flexibly.

The SL7 and SL4 stacklights indicate machine states via optical and acoustic signals which makes them easily recognizable from a distance. Optical signals can be displayed as continuous light, strobe light, flashing light and - via high-performance LEDs - even as a multi-strobe light. The acoustic signals can take the form of a continuous tone, a pulse tone or one of eight other sounds.

Easy & flexible configuration.

The configurator will help you select and combine the various stacklight elements of both SL families with only a few clicks!

The human-machine interface of tomorrow

The next generation of machine operators expects a human-machine interface that meets the standards they are used to finding on their personal mobile devices in their private lives. In the work environment, new smart devices are appearing in more areas than just management and distribution.

The Moeller series - a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, the Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Stack lights SL4 and SL7

Bright, loud, rugged, fast, efficient, versatile, and unmistakable!

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