Web applications FAQ

What are the Eaton supplier web applications?

  • They are a collection of Internet applications that will improve the way Eaton and its suppliers do business.


What functionality is featured in these applications?

  • Electronic suppliers will be able to view and interact with two applications:


1. WISPER (Worldwide Interactive Supplier Performance Evaluation Resource)

  • Quality and delivery performance reporting
  • Shipment history
  • Defective Material Report (DMR)
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) tracking
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) / 1st article submission
  • Supplier profile information
  • Supplier audits
  • Reports


2. Supplier VIS

  • Inventory management
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Payment status
  • Purchase order management
  • Shipping schedules
  • Advanced shipping notifications


What are the benefits to a supplier utilising these applications?

  • Leap from local Eaton plant visibility to worldwide exposure.
  • Eaton is a $20.9 billion diversified industrial manufacturer with over 200 manufacturing plants. 
  • Find Eaton plants worldwide that use your commodities.
  • Gain exposure to 1,000+ supply chain management professionals worldwide within Eaton.
  • Showcase your capabilities, products and commodities.
  • Benchmark your competition.
  • Benchmark supplier performance data within the commodities you serve.
  • Streamline business transactions with Eaton.
  • Decrease time and increase accuracy of business transactions.
  • Improve performance data with Eaton.
  • Impact data integrity and Eaton’s view of supplier performance.
  • Improve your shipping performance with increased visibility to Eaton systems.
  • Reduce the cost of inventory and anticipate the needs of Eaton.


What are the benefits to Eaton?

  • Worldwide commodity searches with existing suppliers.
  • Eaton has thousands of suppliers. We will consolidate our best-performing suppliers.
  • Streamline business transactions with suppliers.
  • Decrease time and increase accuracy of business transactions.
  • Increase supplier ownership of performance.
  • Our product designs and capabilities are dependent upon supplier performance.
  • Improve new product development quality planning.
  • Our future growth and profitability is dependent upon successful new product introductions.
  • Standardise supplier resource management processes.
  • This is also a benefit to suppliers who currently, or in the future, do business across different Eaton divisions.


How do I get to the Eaton supplier web applications?


How does a supplier register?

  • Once a supplier administrator is identified and registered, they will be able to register other users as needed.
  • Click HERE for more information on registering as a WISPER user.


Who should register as the supplier site administrator? 

  • It is up to the supplier to identify the site administrator who should access the system.


How many users should be signed up?

  • Suppliers will need to determine how many users are appropriate based on size and scope of their organisation and the amount of business with Eaton.
  • We suggest the supplier match the person(s) currently responsible for the functionality of the application. For example, the WISPER defective material reports may be most useful to someone in the quality function, and the electronic funds transfer module may be most useful to someone in the accounting function.
  • One designated supplier administrator is able to register each system user.
  • There is only one supplier subscription fee for each supplier, regardless of the number of system users or plants.


Is there a cost to Eaton suppliers?

  • There is an annual fee for ‘supplier web-based software’. Go to the Eaton Supplier Excellence Manual for more information regarding this fee.
  • There will only be one annual fee for each supplier, regardless of the number of plants or system users.
  • The subscription fee will be deducted from an upcoming invoice. 


Is training available for suppliers?

  • Suppliers are able to access training materials available in the ‘help’ tab section of each application.
  • Suppliers can call an Eaton help desk for application-related questions. The WISPER application help desk number is 866 652 3756.
  • Suppliers can call an Eaton help desk for technical-related issues. The technical help desk number is 1 216 523 4357.
  • Suppliers will find WISPER and the Supplier VIS applications easy to navigate and understand.