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Cooper Industries Acquisition Information

Eaton and electrical equipment supplier Cooper Industries announced on November 30, 2012, that Eaton has completed its acquisition of Cooper.

FAQs for Eaton and Cooper Shareholders

IRS Forms 8937 for Eaton and Cooper related to Cooper acquisition

IRS Forms 8937 related to Eaton dividends

FAQs Regarding Eaton Dividends

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Strategy & Direction

To position Eaton as a company committed to attaining 12 to 14 percent sales and 20 percent earnings growth, while growing returns on investment increasingly beyond the cost of capital.

Register for Online Delivery of Proxy Materials

Eaton Shareholders now have the convenience of electronic delivery of the Proxy Statement and Annual Report to Shareholders, as well as online proxy voting. Electronic delivery will help the environment and reduce printing and mailing costs associated with the traditional mail delivery. Use this link to register for online delivery of your proxy materials: