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In the face of challenges, we help generate solutions

Every power generation plant manager is facing the challenge of producing more generating units, often with aging facilities and insufficient staff to maintain vintage electrical equipment. On top of that, there's growing demand for more renewable energy sources and growing regulations to comply with.

In fact, by 2035 there will be a need for an additional 250 gigawatts of power in the U.S. alone, but environmental regulations have frozen CapEx at many fossil-fuel generating plants. Today's power plants urgently need to address these challenges while also integrating smart technology and raising their safety profile.

Extend the life of your equipment and the power of your staff

Eaton Power Generation Monitoring

Eaton's breadth of solutions, including project management and equipment life-extension offerings, can support your bottom line. With our engineering services, you can replace lost expertise, reduce unplanned outages and recover from both planned and unplanned power interruptions. We can support testing, maintenance and repair programs with highly scalable staff and resources. Since safety is always a top concern, Eaton's industry-leading safety solutions and services can help protect your workforce and your plant.

On the forefront of energy innovation

Portland General Electric needed to develop an energy storage system and customized solution for its new regional smart power center. To develop the system, PGE required power management expertise and products that could meet quickly evolving grid and consumer demands. Eaton delivered. Unveiled in 2013, the Salem Smart Power Center is now a fully functioning 8,000-sq-ft energy storage facility.



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