The Brightlayer Utilities suite

A full complement of software applications that enable you to use your data to optimize the performance and reliability of the electric grid, integrate renewables, comply with regulations and plan for the future.

Ready for the changing energy landscape.

Today, demand for power is rising and renewable energy is taking center stage, while grid infrastructure is under pressure to keep pace and cyber threats are ever present. Staying efficient, resilient, reliable and in compliance with regulations takes a systematic, holistic approach to managing your operation and the grid.
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Get a clearer picture of your infrastructure.

From IOUs to municipalities to co-ops, the Brightlayer Utilities suite provides real-time network visualization that helps harness the power of your data, allowing you to stay ahead of challenges before they become problems.

Improve the reliability and resiliency of the grid today and for the future

Get insights and real-time visualizations to help forecast risk, optimize assets, prioritize investments and coordinate renewables integration. You’ll also be able to quickly identify safety gaps and drive corrective action plans. 

Drive operational efficiency and employee productivity

Better manage your electrical efficiency and free up teams to focus on mission critical and high-impact actions through automation, systems integration and heightened situational awareness of network status, needs and performance.

Comply with new and ever-changing regulations

Ensure compliance with a systematic approach that helps you stay current with evolving cybersecurity and regulatory requirements, protecting your assets, employees, customers and the bottom line. 

Utility planning: Power engineering and analysis

The Brightlayer Utilities suite will help you plan for capacity, storage and integrating renewables, while ensuring cybersecurity requirements and regulations are understood. You’ll also be able to put historical data to work to help forecast risk and predict maintenance, while providing clarity for future investments.

From conception to optimization, the CYME power engineering application provides advanced network modeling and simulation capabilities, addressing the needs for planning, operation support, protection, DER interconnection and other critical duties.

Grid modernization: Distribution and substation automation

Our suite of applications is designed to work with your current equipment, automating efficiencies, incorporating alternative energy and helping to keep your facility efficient and resilient in the face of cyber threats or weather disasters. Our innovative applications will help keep your employees protected, and your customers’ power flowing.

The Brightlayer Utilities suite offers distribution and substation automation applications that reduce customer impact from outages, improve SAIDI and SAIFI metrics and provide reliability, security and compliance for utility automation systems.

Smart grid networks: End-point automation

Get the automation and demand response capabilities necessary to intelligently and efficiently manage services for utility, commercial and residential settings.

Demand response, advanced metering infrastructure and Yukon enterprise software applications provide data-driven insights and automated control for load forecasting and managing assets, ensuring reliable delivery of low-cost electricity, water and gas to residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

Brightlayer Utilities suite

Find the Brightlayer Utilities suite applications that meet your unique needs.

Capacity / Utility planning

Grid modernization

Smart grid networking