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Communication adapter modules

Designed for use with Series NRX NF and RF frame power air circuit breakers and Power Defense molded case circuit breakers, the Power Xpert Release (PXR) communications adapter module (CAM) expands the communication capabilities of PXR electronic trip units.

Improved safety
Remote breaker control
Time savings
Easy configuration

Core features

  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP (PXR-ECAM-MTCP) or PROFIBUS DP (PXR-PCAM) protocols.
  • Improve safety with remote breaker control via programmable discrete I/O.
  • Provides intuitive HTML5 Web interface to simplify configuration and monitoring (ECAM only).
  • Small, DIN rail mounted design with removable terminal blocks offers space savings and ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Easy set-point recall with localized data storage for increased efficiency during maintenance (ECAM only).
  • Save time with easy configuration via USB connection.
  • At-a-glance troubleshooting with front-facing status LEDs that alert the user to communication status and alarms.
  • Two RJ45 ports allow daisy-chaining to simplify assembly wiring (ECAM only).
  • Compatible with Series NRX Digitrip electronic trip units.

Power Defense molded case circuit breakers

Eaton's Power Defense molded case circuit breaker portfolio is a globally rated platform with communicating electronic trip units, data to help you optimize your facilities' performance, and arc flash reduction helping to keep your employees, customers and end-users safe.

Series NRX low voltage circuit breakers

Eaton's Series NRX circuit breakers will meet any customers’ needs by combining high interruption and short-time withstand ratings with a wide range of trip units, along with easy to integrate communications.