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BiWire two-wire 5 in 1 fire alarm detector

The BiWire 5 in 1 detector provides a complete detector solution for use with Eaton's two-wire BiWire Flexi fire and notification fire alarm system. 

Configurable to one of five settings including three heat detector modes, a setting that helps to prevent false alarms in areas with known high levels of dust, fumes, steam or smoke. 

DIL switch mode selection: optical smoke (15m range), multi-criteria opto-thermal (10.6m range) and three thermistor base heat detection (5.3m radius): rate of rise (A2R characteristic 60°C), fixed medium temperature (BS medium temperature 77°C), fixed high temperature (CS high temperature 92°C).

BiWire two-wire 5 in 1 fire alarm detector
Range of sensor types
5 modes in 1

The flexibility of 5 detectors in 1

By combining five detection types into one device, multiple users benefit during specification, installation and ongoing maintenance:

  • Wholesalers - Reduces overall stock
  • Installers - Able to bulk by a single variant of detector and carry one variant around
  • Maintenance teams - Removes the need to carry smoke, heat and multi options
Graphic showing the five detection modes of Eaton 5 in 1 detectors

360° Visibility light pipe LED technology for instant status recognition

The 5 in 1 detector uses light pipe technology to create a 360° indicator LED. The device incorporates a wide viewing angle for increased LED visibility. Red LED is used to indicate an alarm condition, and an amber LED is used to indicate a chamber fault

Your device keeps you safe, so keep your device safe

The detector comes equipped with different locking abilities. In addition to a positive "lock" indication feature, the device comes equipped with a locking facility which can be activated to prevent unauthorised detector removal without the use of a special tool

BiWire Flexi - Your simpler, cheaper, more versatile choice for new & old fire projects

Whether fitting out a building extension, retrofitting an outdated system or looking to benefit from the cost and time benefits of two-wire technology on a new build and want to utilise certain conventional devices; BiWire Flexi gives you the power to adapt the system to the site.

Be less conventional with Eaton's range of two-wire fire alarm devices

From the world's leading supplier of fire notification devices, Eaton's range of 2-wire fire alarm devices helps you to maximise the BiWire system. From our 5 in 1 detector to our VAD compliant sounder beacon base, each device has been chosen specifically to be part of the BiWire device range for their quality, ease of use and low installation cost.

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