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Mobile capacitor banks

Eaton offers mobile capacitor banks, custom designed to address the reactive power needs of electric power utilities. Eaton’s Cooper Power series mobile capacitor banks provide an economical and efficient solution which can be quickly deployed and easily integrated onto any system to address a wide variety of system demands and applications. 

Adjustable to system voltages up to 230 kV L-L
Emergency outage support and temporary power
Flexible and adaptive solutions
Optimised for transporting, installation and maintenance
Easy to use

Core features

  • Unfused capacitors [standard-duty (SD), heavy-duty (HD) and extreme-duty (XD)] or internally fused capacitors
  • Anti-skid steel decking for safe usage
  • Anti-vibration pads (EPM) 
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Hydraulic jack levelling systems
  • Available with integrated protective fencing
  • Full range of accessories available to meet individual needs

Maximised flexibility

Eaton’s Cooper Power series mobile capacitor banks are designed to be connected anywhere in the end user’s system. Multi-voltage designs are available and can quickly be converted to operate at different system levels by reconfiguring the bank buswork. All mobile banks are completely assembled and factory tested to ensure seamless deployment and integration. Eaton’s scalable design that can use a combination of trailers to meet system demands.

Drawing on engineering expertise

Eaton’s Cooper Power series mobile capacitor banks are designed and supported by highly skilled, experienced engineers. Eaton’s team works closely with each customer to provide a design that meets their requirements for reactive power, protection and control and transportability, while verifying the design complies with national and local authority requirements. In addition, Eaton's Electrical Engineering Services and Systems (EESS) team can provide a variety of on-site and remote assistance including training, system studies, start-up and commissioning, testing support and maintenance services.

Tailored solutions with a full range of accessories

Eaton’s Cooper Power series mobile capacitor banks provide customisable solutions to meet all application needs. Capacitor banks can be tailored to service a variety of applications, including emergency outage assistance, maintenance aid, peak loading support and temporary power needs. Designs can incorporate a complete range of accessories including reactors, arresters, automatic and remote switching with control systems, guarding/fencing, tools and storage compartments, etc.