Getting UL/CSA approval is easier than ever before

Tips and guidelines for meeting local standards quickly and with less effort

Building machines and systems for the North American market requires a deep knowledge of local standards and regulations. As these standards are being continuously updated and their interpretation may be a challenge for non-experts, it is advisable to work with an experienced partner that will give you the right guidance to help get your machine or system approved, quickly and with minimum effort.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) stipulates that the short-circuit current rating (SCCR) of every electrical panel has to be indicated. Research indicates that the majority of OEMs typically design their machines with a minimum SCCR of 5 kA. However, according to the new edition of the NEC, in force since January 2017, such a low SCCR may make it more challenging to get installed equipment approved. With a few simple measures and the selection of the right components, the SCCR can be increased to help to make approval easier.


Other factors that need to be considered when designing electrical control cabinets according to UL / CSA

It is vital for European machine builders to understand the difference between feeder circuits and branch circuits when it comes to selecting the correct components for their equipment. Our video provides a short introduction on the topic. 
Download our white paper to learn more

Whilst earthed three-phase networks are the standard almost everywhere in Europe, a variety of different network forms and voltages exist in North America. Our video provides a short introduction on the topic. Download our white paper to learn more.

An example of the differences between North American and IEC standards is article 430 of the NEC, which specifies that motor circuits must fulfil at least four different functions. Our video provides a short introduction on the topic. Download our white paper to learn more.

When it comes to accessories, the difference between IEC and North American standards for control panels is clear. Learn more about handles for main switches for the North American market. Our video provides a short introduction on the topic. Download our white paper to learn more.

Improving the SCCR of your control panels does not have to be difficult, if you choose the right methods and components. Watch the video to see how. For more information about the SCCR requirements according to NEC 2017, you can download our white paper here.

Learn more about the three-step process for SCCR compliance in this animated video.

How customers can benefit from professional support for meeting UL / CSA standards

For many years, AZO CONTROLS has relied on Eaton’s proven portfolio and comprehensive consulting services, enabling it to successfully complete numerous export projects for the North American market.

Thanks to the help from the experts at Eaton, we were able to complete our first North American project without any problems.

Marco Zimmermann, AZO CONTROLS GmbH

Selecting the right components for your next control panel made easy

Once the parameters of a new panel have been specified, the right components need to be selected to meet the requirements. With Eaton's “Control panel design guide according to UL 508A” this task becomes much easier. The guide lists the devices required for the feeder and branch circuits, with a structured breakdown of all the data you need in one place.

Get fast access to all the products you need for UL 508A-compliant control panels in our easy-to-use design guide 

Control panel design guide according UL 508A

Helping panel builders select the right products for export to the North American market.