Nous agissons afin que ce qui compte fonctionne*

Today we hear a lot in the news about cybersecurity and data breaches from big companies like Google, and Uber and Facebook. But cyber threats effect companies of all sizes. As more connected devices are introduced into critical infrastructure applications, commercial and industrial facilities and smart homes around the world, a standard threshold of safeguards will be required to operate effectively. And it will be up to the industry to drive what that standard should be. In this interview, Zari Venhaus, director of corporate marketing communications, sits down with subject matter expert Max Wandera, director of Eaton’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, to talk about why it’s so important for companies to be thinking about cybersecurity. 

Key takeaways

  • 01:45 Assessing cybersecurity similar to how quality is evaluated could be the best way for companies to validate the security of their products.   
  • 02:57 Eaton's "secure-by-design" philosophy is part of a process that assesses cybersecurity throughout each phase of the product development life cycle in an effort to meet and exceed competencies recognized by international standards organizations.
  • 04:38 Eaton's Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is not only designed to drive standards, best practices and technology across the enterprise, but also to be a resource hub to help customers to solve cybersecurity challenges.
  • 05:28 Establishing a common global assessment standard for cybersecurity would provide companies a framework to more accurately and consistently evaluate the security of their  products and systems.

When you buy a product, you’re expecting it to have the quality - including cybersecurity quality - that is required. [As a customer] you should never have to think about cybersecurity. 

Max Wandera, director, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Eaton