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Optical smoke beam detector for addressable fire systems
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Optical smoke beam detector for addressable fire systems

Eaton's beam detector provides excellent smoke detection compared to standard optical detectors in large, open areas such as warehouses, factories, arenas and airports.

Utilising reflective detection technology, the detector is formed by two parts: the transmitter-receiver that emits a constant beam of infra-red light and a reflector with a prism that angles the beam back at the transmitter-receiver. A fire is indicated to the panel when the beam is distorted.

Fire and fault conditions are signalled to the control panel using standard loop wiring, so no additional interconnection is required. While installation time and the requirement for wiring is limited compared to end-to-end beam detectors due to wiring only being required at the transmitter-receiver end. The range includes two options: up to 50 metres (which has one reflector) and up to 100 metres (which has four reflectors in formation) depending on the size of space.

EN54 Pt12 & Pt17 2002
Range options
Up to 50m or 100m
Wall mounted

Reflective beam technology: cost-effective smoke detection for large, open areas

The detector features two parts: a transmitter-receiver and reflector. The transmitter-receiver directs a continuous infra-red beam towards the reflector which utilising a prism then sends back the beam to the transmitter-receiver which in turn registers the strength of the beam. 

A fire or fault is signalled when the continuous beam is interfered between the two parts by smoke; reducing the strength of the beam. The transmitter-receiver is preset to indicate a fire or fault when the beam's strength is below a certain value. 

Hassle-free detector testing

Testing beam detectors can be an awkward and time-consuming task. That's why each of our beam detectors is supplied with a test filter to simulate required smoke obscuration levels and confirm correct operation. Reducing the time taken to test and costs associated with a facility manager testing the system.

Easy connection to the panel with no additional interconnection

Both the 50 and 100-metre beam detectors use standard loop wiring means fire and fault conditions are signalled to the fire control panel meaning no additional interconnection is necessary. Reducing the amount of wiring required and time taken to install.

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