Optimise machine and system performance

Use your data to improve your output

Optimising the performance of a machine or factory is about increasing uptime and reducing maintenance costs. In today's world, it all comes back to data. Learn more about how we help you easily collect the data in your systems, store them safely and analyse them to improve operations. 

Improve machine output and availability

Visualising machine data creates transparency about usage, output and availability. With this information, machine builders are able to reduce operational costs and improve machine performance with predictive maintenance. Our experts and IIoT partners help you find the best solution for your machine type and application. 

Easily collecting data in machines and systems 

The first step in every Industry 4.0 or IIoT project is the preparation of the machine to provide all the necessary data about process performance and availability. Does the motor current indicate a healthy operation? Are temperature and vibration at expected levels? For new and even for retrofit projects, our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system, in combination with smart devices that offer integrated sensing functionality, helps machine builders and system integrators digitise their machines and processes faster and easier than ever before.