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4-13 Watt PoE Transformer

Eaton's PoE (PD) 4 W to 13 W flyback transformers are IEEE 802.3af-compliant for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. Product offers much needed 1500 isolation voltage between primary and secondary windings. Eaton's 4 W to 13 W PoE flyback transformers are suitable for many applications in UPSs, VoiP phones, wireless LAN access points, bluetooth access points and network cameras. Recently, PoE transformers are gaining more popularity in the industrial connectivity revolution, where PoE switchers are used to connect many remote devices, using exiting LAN infrastructure, avoiding additional installation and maintenance cost otherwise required by conventional high power industrial infrastructure. Eaton’s PoE flyback transformers also offer a very low leakage and highest possible power density. They are conveniently packaged in tape and reel per EIA standards and are available in two sizes offering multiple configuration options to meet computing and industrial applications needs.

4-13 Watt PoE Transformer
IEEE 802.3af-compliant for Power over Ethernet Power Device (PD) applications
Low leakage and 1500 V winding isolation
Flyback topology and configurable for computing and industrial applications

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