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Contained prefabricated power solutions

The Contained configuration is a single container with a UPS, switchgear, batteries, HVAC units and all associated fire and safety equipment inside. It can be deployed quickly to expand existing power capacity, incorporated into greenfield modular facilities or used in disaster recovery situations. With a 99 percent efficient UPS that’s available in 825 or 1100 kVA power ratings, it’s the most efficient container on the market. Installation requires only a utility input and facility connection—getting you running faster. It can also be permanently installed outside of existing structures since it includes an HVAC system to regulate internal temperatures.

Contained prefabricated power solutions


• UPS, batteries, switchgear, HVAC and fire and safety equipment in a container
• 825 and 1100 kVA
• Used in warehouse environments, disaster situations, outdoors and more—a data center in a box

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Customized controls, on-board graphics and monitoring for most technical requirements.
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