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What data center users think about Eaton’s UPS monitoring and alerting capabilities (by IT Central Station)

What data center users think about Eaton’s UPS monitoring and alerting capabilities (by IT Central Station)

IT Central Station is always on the hunt for unbiased feedback from its users that will help tech professionals make educated software buying decisions. In recent months, they gathered reviews for Eaton’s PredictPulse Insight to find out what users had to say about this service.

Staying on top of power components is a core duty in data center management. To help with this task, Eaton offers PredictPulse, a cloud-based monitoring and management service. Eaton PredictPulse collects and analyzes data from Eaton uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It alerts data center managers if it observes or anticipates a power issue. An “outbound only” cloud architecture mitigates potential cybersecurity risks in the solution.

In their reviews, IT Central Station users highlight the intangible and monetary value they find in the PredictPulse UPS remote monitoring service. It enables them to stay on top of complex power components and avoid catastrophic data center downtime.

Being aware of power outages and fluctuations through remote monitoring

PredictPulse remotely monitors Eaton UPS devices around the clock. As Keith C., a Smart Infrastructure Consultant BAS at Kaiser Permanente explains, “We get a very good understanding of what the unit is doing, all remotely. It's very good.” For Wanada B., who serves as an Information Technology Infrastructure Manager at a financial services firm, it’s about relying on PredictPulse for all the of the Eaton UPS devices in her organization. As she puts it, “We decided to add on PredictPulse for the notifications. PredictPulse lets us know when the system is down or having other issues, as far as connectivity, input/output, battery level, and reports.” 

Elements outside of the data center, where one has no control, are often the reason for downtime. It’s important to know what’s impacting your data center and how, at all times. Wanda B's firm also relies on PredictPulse cloud-based monitoring to stay informed on when a UPS is going on and off battery. As she says, “This feature came in handy last weekend when the Department of Water and Power took the power down. They said that it was for 12 hours, but it ended up being 14 hours. I could manage the readings on the batteries, ensure they weren't draining, and everything was okay. They made it through the whole outage.” She adds, “It keeps you in the loop and knowledgeable. It will let you know when an issue has cleared. It is very much worth the expense.”

“We now have knowledge of what is going on with power fluctuations. Before, when we were offsite, we wouldn't know if the system was down or if there was a power outage. Now, I get alerts.”

Wanda B., Information Technology Infrastructure Manager at a financial services firm

Predicting power component failure

Data center equipment is sensitive to temperature. PredictPulse, which is available through an app, is thus designed to track critical temperatures affecting UPS units and alert infrastructure managers. According to Bitsy B., a Senior Manager at Kaiser Permanente, “We have found the most valuable features to be the ones which notify us that the UPS is on battery, then notifying us that the temperature in the room is too hot.”

Similarly, Keith C. notes, “We had an air conditioning problem, and we had no monitoring on that equipment. PredictPulse alerted us that the room was too hot and we were able to solve the problem before it damaged our UPS. It saved our company from having downtime.”

Users view Eaton’s UPS monitoring service as an intuitive way to maintain uptime and preserve peace of mind. As Robby V., Facility Manager at a comms service provider, puts it, PredictPulse “is pretty intuitive. It's user-friendly.”

“The service has proactively mitigated risk by identifying a vulnerable part, providing a replacement part and deploying field technicians. It's pretty simple process, from our side.”  

Tim C., Data Center Manager at Travelport
PredictPulse monitoring.png

Automatically generating service calls

Tim C. describes how PredictPulse works for them. All of their UPSs are tied in so they are able to stay informed to their condition around the clock. He explains, “PredictPulse sends emails out every few minutes with the status of UPS.” From there, as he says, “It provides notifications about our UPSs so that it can generate service calls automatically with Eaton.” In this regard, Eaton shares responsibility of its UPSs with its owners. “Eaton gets the alarm, they schedule the site visit, and they come and fix the problem.”

What’s the value of PredictPulse?

Colocation data centers, like H5, rely on predictive analytics to better service their customers. Bill J., VP of Colocation Data Center Operations at H5, states that “We couldn't live life without it. It does add a level of comfort knowing that PredictPulse is telling us potential errors before they happen... the more information I can have from a predictive standpoint, the better I am at preparing my customers.”

“The service has earned its place in our life, millions of times over. It was a lot of work to keep things going without it…. It is saving our organization around $10,000 a month”

Wanda B., Information Technology Infrastructure Manager at a financial services firm