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Eaton PredictPulse remote monitoring service

PredictPulse Insight is the first cloud-based analytics service for data center infrastructure to predict the failure of power components. Part of the Brightlayer Data Centers suite, this new service adds predictive analytics to Eaton’s next generation PredictPulse remote monitoring service, shifting power monitoring from a reactive to a proactive model.  The new PredictPulse is a cloud-based monitoring and management service that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing us with the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on your behalf.

Expert remote monitoring
Cloud based
Stay connected
Real-time predictive analytics

PredictPulse has been named the CRN 2020 Overall Product of the Year winner in the Power Protection and Management category

Predict the risk of component failure with cloud-based predictive analytics

- Mitigate downtime risks associated with battery, capacitor failure
- Proactively replace components before failure
- Extend asset life using data

Discover the top benefits of PredictPulse in this short video

How secure is your UPS?

PredictPulse has a robust cybersecurity plan with no remote-control capability, so your power infrastructures is never at risk.

A close call for the Kaiser Permanente team is all too real for data center opertors. Do you know the temperature in your facility?

IT Central Station reviews

“The service has definitely quickly deployed field technicians. At one of our sites, the temperature in the room was rising. Because we received a notification, we were able to get an engineer dispatched to the site to the HVAC problem. Had we not done that, we might have ended up with a UPS failure.”

Bitsy Bernat, Senior Manager at Kaiser Permanete

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Watch how PredictPulse monitoring service adds value to customers:

Wireless solution

The modem and a global wireless carrier makes setting up PredictPulse easier and more secure than traditional email servers.

“We were alerted by Eaton via email, direct messaging and a phone call. An Eaton field technician was simultaneously notified and was dispatched to troubleshoot the issue.”


Read PredictPulse success story.

Isaac Baylis, MPLX technician
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