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Starting your free 90-day trial of PredictPulse remote monitoring service is simple

If you already have a PredictPulse compatible* Eaton UPS and connectivity card you can self-enroll and activate a free 90-day trial in minutes. Here’s how to get started with your PredictPulse remote monitoring service in 4 easy steps. 

 *Eaton 9395, 93PM, 9315, 9390, 9355, 9155 with Eaton Power Xpert Gateway UPS X-Slot and Power Xpert Gateway Mini-slot UPS Cards

Get started with PredictPulse

checkmark ENROLL to start using PredictPulse
checkmark VERIFY your enrollment using two-step authentication
checkmark ACTIVATE your devices by downloading the PredictPulse Wizard Installer
checkmark MONITOR your device on your mobile device or web browser in minutes
PredictPulse Terms and Conditions: Must be compatible Eaton UPS (9395, 93PM, 9315, 9390, 9355, 9155 with Eaton Power Xpert Gateway UPS X-Slot Card and Power Xpert Gateway Mini-slot UPS Cards) already started, must be compatible with an Eaton connectivity (NIC).  UPS must be connected on an internal network with an IP address and user can access this network, UPS network has SMTP (email) available and SMTP server allows outbound only emails, optionally, instead of SMTP network, an Eaton 4G wireless modem must be connected to the UPS/card. 90-day trial will start immediately, and you will get reminders before your expiration to renew.

Key features of PredictPulse

  • Leverages Eaton’s power expertise to monitor 24x7: Manage and analyze needs to make recommendations to optimize your environment, including critical events alarm notifications
  • Cloud based: SaaS subscription service (no software or wiring to install)
  • Expedites repairs: Remote diagnosis of alarms and events using real-time sensors, alarms and service history data
  • Increases peace of mind: Reduce downtime risk and increase power reliability
  • Proactive management: Manage UPS health proactively via sensor data to identify, verify and replace components before they fail (PredictPulse Insight)
  • Easy Deployment: Simple and secure wireless setup 

Watch how PredictPulse monitoring service adds value to customers.