Eaton solutions power a leader in compliant colocation and data center services

ByteGrid, a leading compliant colocation and data center services provider, needed a power management and monitoring solution offering the highest level of reliability to meet stringent compliance requirements.

The challenge

ByteGrid is a leading provider of highly compliant hosting data center and IT infrastructure solutions ranging from colocation to hybrid cloud. Encompassing more than 750,000 square feet of premier multi-tenant colocation data center space, the company takes pride in meeting the highest standards for security and reliability.

As the city’s largest colocation, ByteGrid’s Cleveland Technology Center (CTC) hosts large and midsize enterprises, as well as federal and other regulated organizations. When it began planning a major expansion of the CTC, ByteGrid embraced a lofty aspiration: to deliver customized data center solutions with the highest level of compliance.

A key factor to achieving such a unique and extremely compliant approach was the inclusion of a world-class power management solution within the company’s exceptionally secure, 333,215-square-foot Tier 3 space. For ByteGrid’s government, technology and telecommunications customers to attain their required certifications, the company recognized the need to provide a high availability environment.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offering unparalleled reliability, redundancy, efficiency and exceptional service ranked high on the company’s list of prerequisites. All of these objectives were brought to E Technologies Inc., and together they discovered Eaton to be the ideal solution.

See how, with the Eaton solution in place, ByteGrid is able to:

  • Provide a robustly designed data center  with end-to-end power quality and distribution equipment
  • Ensure continuous uptime and the highest level of reliability for its colocation customers, while meeting the specialized requirements of the CaaS approach
  • Gain industry-leading 99 percent efficiency through ESS, without sacrificing reliability
  • Easily expand its backup power solution with the 9395’s scalable architecture
  • Maintain the overall health and optimal performance of its power protection solution with an Eaton service plan and support from local technicians 

The Eaton solution

ByteGrid worked with E Technologies Inc. to install a comprehensive Eaton solution, including a pair of 1.5 megawatt Eaton PowerXpert 9395 UPSs with Energy Saver System (ESS), medium voltage switchgear, switchboards, panel-boards, meters and power distribution units (PDUs).

“ByteGrid chose Eaton based on its industry leadership in power efficiency, reliability and safety,” Clemson explains. “The Eaton solution was comprehensive with the most power, the most redundancy, the most efficiency and the best local service.”

Boasting industry-leading efficiency and modular redundancy, the unique design of the 9395 has enabled ByteGrid to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in a variety of ways, including emitting 33 percent less heat while delivering up to 20 percent more power in the same footprint.

Leveraging Eaton’s groundbreaking ESS technology, the 9395 is also able to facilitate up to 99 percent efficiency across most loads while increasing power system reliability. This is made possible by an intelligent “power core,” which adapts to incoming power conditions to deliver clean power to the load and maximize efficiency.

Additionally, the Eaton UPSs promote reliable operations and accurate metering of power within ByteGrid’s data center. The 9395’s multi-module, scalable architecture further enhances TCO with the ability to adapt to future changes in load demands without requiring the purchase of an additional UPS.

The ability to maintain instant access to information is critical to ByteGrid. With that in mind, the company is preparing to deploy PredictPulse remote monitoring service, Eaton’s next-generation remote monitoring and management service that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices to help reduce the risk of downtime.

ByteGrid further safeguards against unexpected downtime and equipment issues with an Eaton service plan, which includes regularly scheduled preventive maintenance visits by trained customer service engineers. 

ByteGrid’s partnership with Eaton allows us to provide our customers with world-class power systems that deliver the highest levels of redundancy, fault-tolerance and operating efficiency.

Mike Clemson, Vice president of critical infrastructure

The complete Eaton solution has significantly contributed to ByteGrid’s successful expansion. In fact, during a recent tour of the Cleveland facility, one prospective customer acknowledged that its executive team would never have considered using colocation in the past— but ByteGrid has changed its opinion.

As ByteGrid continues to establish itself as Cleveland’s leading provider of secure and compliant IT infrastructure solutions, the company’s efforts have been supported by a cohesive and collaborative team at E Technologies Inc. and Eaton. “ByteGrid’s partnership with Eaton allows us to provide our customers with world-class power systems that deliver the highest levels of redundancy, fault-tolerance and operating efficiency,” Clemson sums up. “Cleveland businesses have some of the most demanding requirements for performance and compliance, and we are proud to be able to deliver.” 

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