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Main Circuit Breakers

Eaton's main circuit breakers are part of the main service modules used as service entrance equipment and housed in a rainproof enclosure. Eaton offers both main fusible switch and main circuit breaker group metering mains with busway connections allowing you to have multi-tenant metering in high-rise apartment buildings where riser busway is used. Select 3-phase, 400–200A main circuit breakers or 3-phase, 400–800A main fusible switches with aluminum or copper bus.

Main Circuit Breakers
Available kAIC ratings
42, 65 and 100
Meeting requirements
UL 489 | CSA 22.2 No. 5

The world’s demand for power continues to increase

Eaton is helping customers do more with less energy, while also improving the reliability of critical systems and processes. Eaton’s tenant main circuit breakers are used to switch and protect the lowest common distribution voltage in an electrical system.

Core features

  • Two-pole breakers are 120/240 Vac, field installed
  • Three-pole breakers are 208Y/120 Vac, field installed
  • Bolt-on type circuit breakers used with 35MM and 35SS (single-phase modular metering stacks)
  • Bolt-on type circuit breakers used with 37MM and 37SS (three-phase modular metering stacks)

Helping address today’s costly requirements

Market conditions have driven higher fault current rating requirements in densely populated areas, therefore increasing cost in multi-family applications that require group metering solutions. Eaton’s BRHX miniature breaker is specifically designed to help address this growing market need by expanding its 3-tier series combinations ratings for 65 kAIC up to 2000 A.

Helping to reducing costs

Eaton's BRX miniature circuit breaker will help contractors reduce costs by easing installation, and removing the need for specified upstream breakers and using less expensive service modules.
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