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Eaton Navy and Marine circuit breakers

Expect quality and dependability from the Eaton's Navy & Marine Molded Case Circuit Breaker. Navy & marine circuit breakers are vibration tested, fire and moisture-resistant, and treated to resist corrosion. Users will appreciate the shock and impact resistance, and the easy on-site customization and installation capabilities. These circuit breakers are qualified to Navy Mil-Spec & QPL, or to Marine Specs.

Eaton Navy and Marine circuit breakers
Shock and impact resistant
Navy Mil-Spec & QPL

Marine circuit breaker core features

  • Qualified to Navy Mil-Spec & QPL, or to Marine Specs - ABS, USCG, IEEE45, Lloyds, DNV or UL489 Naval/Marine Supplements.
  • Parts are specially treated to resist corrosion. Fungus moisture-resistant treatments for severe atmospheres are available as modifications.
  • Shock-resistant molded cases made of reinforced glass-filled thermosetting plastic provide very high mechanical strength (shock and impact resistance), are both fire and moisture-resistant, and provide excellent dielectric characteristics.
  • Naval and Marine Circuit Breakers have been vibration tested.
  • Both 40°C and 50°C calibrated circuit breakers are available to meet standard or high temperature environments.
  • All Navy circuit breakers with electronic trip units are tested for electromagnetic immunity and emissions per MIL-STD-461 and -462 to eliminate interference from radiated or conducted EMI.
  • Modular thermal magnetic trip units are easily field installed for on-site customization.
  • Plug-in mounting bases provide the ability to replace a circuit breaker quickly without disconnecting any bus or cable joints.
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The reliability of commercial grade

Eaton's navy and marine molded case circuit breakers offer a rugged and robust design, providing you piece of mind in those harsh environments susceptible to extreme vibration and shock events.

Eaton's molded case circuit breaker portfolio

Eaton manufactures a variety of molded case circuit breakers designed for use in multiple industries and conditions. Take a look at our MCCB portfolio.
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