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Bussmann series Pullout Telcom disconnects and fuses

Fused disconnect systems for use with Telpower fuses.

Core features

  • Ease of installation - connection directly to busbar, reduces external wiring per pole. Rear accessibility for line and load terminations
  • LED alarm signaling (LED current 30mA max)
  • Local and remote open-fuse indication along with fuse orientation rejection feature and fuse presence indication
  • Alarm test probe point, to allow on-site checking of alarm circuitry
  • Totally enclosed module directly connects to busbar for reduced external wiring—per pole and easy installation with front access load and line connection standard— double lug load connections 8 AWG wire
  • LED alarm signaling (LED current 30mA max)
  • Remote alarm with alarm test probe point to allow on-site checking of alarm circuitry
  • Bi-polar LED provides capability for both –48Vdc and +24Vdc applications

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