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Bussed gutter and termination cabinets

Eaton's B-Line series buss gutters and termination cabinets are a distribution point for multiple load applications, and are an economical solution for both pre-meter distribution or post-meter distribution applications up to 2000 amps.

The buss gutters and termination cabinets offer flexible power distribution solutions that can be applied to a variety of uses where change and adaptation are crucial. The bussed gutters and termination cabinets provide an economical system that still meets high standards of customer expectation and utility specifications.

Termination /  tap enclosures

The B-Line series termination cabinet / enclosures are installed before bussed gutters in underground applications to serve the termination of utility supply cables as a sealed utility pull section.  The unit acts as a wall-mounted multi-tap cabinet or a meter cabinet for applications up to 1200 amps, and can be used for metering for multi-tenant complexes.

With surface mount construction, the termination cabinet / tap enclosures are NEMA Type 3R rainproof and an ANSI 61 gray painted finish. They also feature aluminum bussing and a removable door with a sealing provision and lifting handles for easy access.


Buss gutters

Bussed gutter units serve as a distribution point for multiple load applications under a common feed with the same surface mount and aluminum bussing. The B-Line series gutters include both universal bussed gutters for general purpose distribution and TB/MTB bussed gutters equipped with KOs for ganging B-Line TB/MTB units seamlessly to the enclosure. Each bussed gutter is made for surface mount construction out of NEMA Type 3R ANSI 61 gray painted finished aluminum bussing. 

The B-Line series of buss gutters are a labor-saving alternative to both conduit and multi-tap cabinets.  These wall-mounted distribution sections are available in lengths up to 10 feet and are rated from 200 amps up to 2000 amps.


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