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5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed switch over breaker combination

Eaton’s Metal-enclosed switch and breaker (MSB) provides safe, reliable switching and fault protection for medium voltage switchgear applications. Combining a visible load-break disconnect switch with the capabilities of a fixed-mounted vacuum circuit breaker and control devices, the 5/15kV switchgear increases system protection and improves coordination with upstream and downstream devices. 

5-15 kV Medium-voltage metal-enclosed switch over breaker combination
up to 15 kV
up to 2000 A
up to 40 kAIC

Core features

  • Metal-Enclosed switchgear accommodates voltages from 1kV to 15kV, up to 1200A continuous current, and up to 40kA short circuit withstand

  • Designed for deployment in new and retrofit substation installations

  • Can be used as the primary main device integrated with fused feeder switches, or as primary protection in single-ended substations

  • Indoor and outdoor configurations available 

  • Type MEB vacuum switchgear meets or exceeds the following industry standards: ANSI/IEEE C37.20.3. ANSI/IEEE C37.20.4, ANSI C37.22, ANSI C37.57, ANSI C37.58, NEMA SG5, NEMA SG6, CSA 22.2 No. 31. CSA listed for Canada and U.S. markets.

Achieve better protection and device coordination

The MSB enhances the benefits of the traditional load interrupter switch and fuse combination, replacing the fuses with a breaker. In addition to performing the operations of a metal enclosed breaker, the MSB increases system protection and improves coordination with upstream and downstream devices.

Deploy in multiple manners

The MSB switchgear can be used as the primary main device and integrated with fused feeder switches in a line-up of fused metal-enclosed switchgear. It can also function as primary protection for single-ended substations, resulting in cost savings by eliminating the need for a secondary main breaker.

Safe and flexible

Engineered for both new substations and to retrofit in existing substations, the MSB is an ideal solution for locations where arc flash safety is an issue.

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