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Harmonic Correction Unit

Eaton’s active harmonic filters, known as Harmonic Correction Units (HCU2) provide dynamic harmonic mitigation and power factor correction by actively injecting reactive currents into an electrical distribution system to cancel damaging harmonic currents and supporting power factor requirements at the point of connection. 


Broad spectrum harmonic cancellation

From 2nd all the way to 50th harmonic, Eaton’s Harmonic Correction Unit is equipped with fast acting, 2 cycle harmonic correction to deal with all kinds of harmonic distortion your facility can create in real time.

Stay in compliance with IEEE 519 recommendations

Failing to meet IEEE 519 standards for current distortion is a costly mistake. By placing the Harmonic Correction Unit at the location of harmonic distortion generating equipment you can gain the benefit of internal and external harmonic protection.
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