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CPX 18-pulse variable frequency drives

Demand more clean power.

The CPX series of variable frequency drives uses advanced 18-pulse clean power technology that significantly reduces line harmonics at the drive input terminals—resulting in one of the purest sinusoidal waveforms available. They prevent upstream transformer overheating and overloading, enabling the application of generators and other high-impedance systems.

CPX9000 Variable Frequency Drives Family
IEEE 519
Total harmonic distortion 3-6%
Wide Range of
Communication protocols
Increased input protection

See it! Understand harmonics

Harmonic mitigation techniques can help protect equipment from potential damage, reduce power generation to overcome losses, and eliminate utility fines. Learn more about harmonics. Watch the video below.

Core features of the CPX 18-pulse VFD

  • Clean power: This cost-effective solution provides reductions in voltage and current harmonics.
  • Reliability: This VFD provides increased input protection for the adjustable frequency drive and its semiconductors from line transients.
  • Communications options: A wide range of communication protocols includes DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

See it! Download the harmonics calculator

Start your harmonics mitigation process by downloading the Eaton harmonics calculator to assess your system’s harmonics output.

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Eaton’s Drives Flex Center offers quick ship programs, modified standard assemblies, enclosure and back panel modifications and OEM custom assemblies.

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Upgrading aging infrastructure. Optimizing system reliability. Learn how Eaton’s innovations can impact every part of the water and wastewater treatment process.
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