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RGX regenerative variable frequency drives

Demand more energy efficiency.

The RGX series of variable frequency drives is specifically designed to meet regenerative and/or low harmonic needs through the use of an active, bidirectional power converter on the front end of a common DC bus drive.

Eliminate the need for an external resistor or mechanical braking, thus simplifying system design, with the RGX VFD’s dynamic performance and great motor handling. It also delivers superior reliability, reducing total current distortion to 2–3%. The Active Front End design offers energy savings and design compatibility for a wide range of applications.

The RGX VFD impacts a wide range of applications including conveyors, ball mills, extruders, centrifugal pumps, driver winders and a variety of test stands.

Energy Savings
Active Front End
Harmonic distortion
Small footprint
All-in-one package

Core features of the RGX regenerative VFD

  • Ease of use: Uses the core SPA/SPI drive platform therefore, sharing many of the drive-related characteristics of the component drive including Startup Wizard and built-in applications 
  • Space-saving design: All-in-one package that includes circuit protection, LCL filtering, and AFE drive in a single enclosure 
  • Efficiency: Exceptional energy savings is achieved the regenerative braking feature 
  • Rugged: Reliable control module and operating system as SPX, shared components for inverter and Active Front End for reduced spare parts
  • Reliable: Meets IEEE-519 standards by reducing THD 2-3%.

Experience it! Energy management techniques

Download the white paper to learn more about the available options for managing system energy consumption.

Work with it! Download the energy savings estimator

To get started, download the energy savings estimator to learn more about how your energy consumption can be reduced by applying a VFD versus an across-the-line starter.
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