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PowerXL EGF passive filter variable frequency drives

Demand more harmonics mitigation.

Eaton’s PowerXL EGF enclosed variable frequency drives combine harmonic distortion reduction and true power factor performance with the latest in Eaton adjustable frequency drive technology to deliver an industry-leading solution.

This pre-engineered passive filtered VFD prevents transformer overheating and overloading of breakers and feeders, which enables the application of adjustable frequency drives on generators and other high impedance power systems.


EGF variable frequency drives

Core features of the PowerXL EGF passive filter VFD

  • Ease of use: Uses the core DG1 and SVX drive platforms, Startup Wizard, built-in applications 
  • Space-saving design: Designed and engineered to optimize space including flange mounting the drive with the heat sink external to the enclosure. Smallest footprint in the industry 
  • Efficiency: Designed and tested to provide maximum efficiency through best-in-class components 
  • Rugged and reliable: Tested and proven solution built to meeting commercial and industrial applications. Engineered solutions to further protect filter and drive available

Enjoy up to 10% more energy savings above a standard VFD

Increase your energy savings by up to 10% above a standard VFD with Active Energy Control®, an energy optimization algorithm that comes standard in the H-Max variable frequency drive

    Harmonics issues?

    Don't let harmonics hamper your electrical system. Take a look at our new web presence dedicated to harmonics

    How much could you save in energy costs?

    Lower your energy costs. Download the energy savings estimator to see how your energy consumption can be reduced by applying a VFD instead of an across-the-line starter.

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