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A complete portfolio of industrial controls by Eaton.

Eaton’s industrial control family of top-of-the-line innovations are among the most comprehensive in the industry. This allows us the flexibility of offering a variety of packaged solutions through your local distributor. Click the button below to explore the product categories to gain greater insights into what we have to offer.

Signature products

XT IEC contactors

The XT IEC series includes non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories. Enclosed control options include metallic and non metallic enclosures with circuit breakers, and North American or European fuses. The XT line of IEC motor control is not the same as traditional motor control designs. XT was designed to be engineered better.

Eaton RMQ- Titan pushbuttons & pilot devices overview

Global and NEMA pilot devices

Whether on operating panels, pendant stations or control panels, Eaton pilot devices are the machine manufacturing and panel building industries’ number one choice. In addition to their elegant and ergonomic industrial design that simplifies operation, control and protection, our flexible and versatile range ensures the best solution for every application.


Human machine interfaces (HMI)

This operator interface portfolio represents the broadest set of solutions ever offered by Eaton. The XV100 Basic HMI provides incredible value for OEMs needing machine visualization and control. The XV300 Advanced HMI allows machine builders to offer next generation performance and functions that will propel their equipment into the future. The XP500 Industrial PC provides an industry-leading SCADA solution.

PowerXL DG1 VFDs Family,, general purpose drives

Variable frequency drives

As commercial and industrial businesses become increasingly dependent upon machines and focus on upgrading aging systems, the control components that run these machines/systems need to be more efficient... and more intelligent than ever before. Eaton offers a best-in-class portfolio of variable frequency drives (VFDs) that are designed to meet your performance requirements while saving space, improving safety and working smarter. Eaton VFDs will save you money by improving the efficiency and productivity of your systems.

NEMA contactor

NEMA contactors

Eaton’s Freedom Series Adjustable Bimetallic Ambient Compensated Contactors are designed for use with CE or CN non-reversing and reversing contactors. They have interchangeable heater packs and are available in four sizes for overload protection up to 900hp, reducing the number of different contactor/overload relay combinations that have to be stocked. They also feature a full line of snap-on accessories common to both IEC and NEMA devices.