Hydroelectric power plant automation and modernization
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Hydroelectric power plant automation and modernization

Your trusted advisor for hydro plant modernization

Bring new life to aging hydropower plants with Eaton's hydro electrical engineering services team. Highly skilled in hydro automation projects, excitation systems, and protection and control system replacements and upgrades, our engineers guide every step of the process from inception through completion. Eaton makes it easy for you to update, revitalize, modernize and maintain your hydroelectric assets to achieve reliable, efficient operation.

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The time is now for hydro revitalization

Nearly three-quarters of U.S. hydroelectric facilities currently rely on outdated infrastructure, with many operating mismatched and obsolete hardware and controls. With Eaton as your trusted advisor, you gain a single source for highly customized, turnkey services and solutions to modernize your hydro plant. From developing the vision to seamlessly navigating the process, we meet all project objectives while staying within your budget.

It is critical to modernize facilities and incorporate state-of-the-art capabilities into hydropower infrastructure to ensure continued hydropower benefits to the grid.

- Department of Energy

Get a free hydroelectric facility site assessment

Discover how modernizing your facility will make it more reliable, better able to meet regulatory standards and capable of adapting to new challenges. 

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The expertise to take your hydro project from start to finish

The success of your hydro plant modernization depends on ensuring that a multitude of objectives come together seamlessly. With Eaton, you gain a provider with a proven track record who can oversee the complete scope of work required, engineer and deploy the optimal solutions to meet your goals, and ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Check out our full range of modernization offerings for hydro electrical plants.

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Missed our Hydro Modernization webinar series?

Visit our on-demand education library to access the series' recorded webinars. Topics include: Hydro Upgrade strategies, Switchgear Modernization, Excitation Upgrades, Eaton Arc Quenching Switchgear and System Protection.
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Say goodbye to modernization complications

Considering the expense and coordination inherent in hydropower dam upgrade projects, it makes sense to rely on a dedicated, experienced engineering and project management team to oversee the process. With Eaton, you can avoid missed deadlines, going over budget and the risk of extending past planned timeframes. Learn more about Eaton's turnkey hydro modernization process. Our capabilities include:

  • Determining the project scope
  • Engineering the modernization design
  • Specifying and deploying equipment
  • Ensuring all regulatory requirements
  • Completing power system & safety studies
  • Automating functions
  • Delivering ongoing field service and maintenance
  • Recommending and implementing optimized solutions

We make hydro plant modernization easy

When upgrading your hydro plant, you need a provider with broad capabilities, a proven track record, and the expertise to not only oversee the process, but resolve any unforeseen hurdles along the way.

Eaton’s hydro services team streamlines and simplifies your modernization process through:
  • Switchgear modernization that increases reliability and safety and extends equipment lifespan at a fraction of replacement costs
  • Circuit breaker repair to safely and cost-effectively modernize equipment through conversions, retrofits, retrofills and other options
  • Grounding solutions that increase production, ROI and asset life
  • Excitation upgrades to ensure selection of the best solution and optimize system performance
  • Field service teams that provide ongoing support for plant systems and reduce downtime
  • Arc flash safety solutions and system studies that enable you to identify and achieve safety goals
  • Digitalization and system monitoring with industry-leading engineering, application and technology expertise 

Bring new life to aging facilities

With decades of experience in the modernization and retrofit of aging hydroelectric facilities, Eaton offers the complete, highly customized turnkey services needed to effectively upgrade your site. Learn more about how we can help define and implement the solutions that will enable you to control, monitor and manage your plant well into the future. 

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Turn your vision into reality

Regardless of your modernization goals, it is essential to gain a thorough understanding of your system before embarking on any changes. Eaton offers a complete range of power system studies to help you plan, manage and modernize your grid - ensuring the optimal and safe design. Performed by experienced engineers, our studies can evaluate performance, make recommendations for improvements, and provide assurance that you are meeting the latest industry standards and requirements.

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See turnkey management in action

Eaton engineers have the expertise to take your hydroelectric modernization project from conception to completion, resulting in a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient power system. From a single point of accountability to a reduced risk of delays, we can transform your hydroelectric systems to serve you today and well into the future. See the difference in these actual customer installations.

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Achieve uptime, all the time

Even the most reliable hydropower plant will occasionally experience a planned or unplanned outage. From equipment failure to environmental compliance projects to routine maintenance and system upgrades, Eaton helps facilities keep their electrical distribution and control systems safe when the power is out.

Eaton's engineering services team

Eaton’s engineering services team is dedicated to understanding your business so we can optimize your power system for safety, reliability and efficiency. As one of the largest and most experienced teams in the industry, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions tailored for every stage of a power system’s life cycle. Eaton strives to create a zero-incident culture through the implementation of our safety policy including division safety managers and layered risk assessments. Our team has experience with electrical power distribution equipment from all leading manufacturers and stands ready to support you, 24/7, wherever and whenever you need us.
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