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Eaton SPD series integrated surge protective device

Eaton’s SPD series integrated surge protection device offers the most advanced surge protection for integration directly into Eaton electrical assemblies. With an available remote display and the lowest possible let-through voltage, this surge device brings superior protection to Eaton panelboards, switchboards, automatic transfer switches, bus plugs, motor control centers and switchgears.

Lowest possible let-through voltage

Decrease the let-through voltages associated with long installation conductor lengths. By integrating the SPD directly within the electrical assembly you can save your sensitive equipment from hundreds of harmful voltages.

Visually access the health of your surge protection

At-a-glance LED status indicator lights for all phase, including neutral-to-ground.

Thermally protected MOVs bring more safety and less weight

Don’t risk potentially unsafe conditions or smoke damage from traditional MOVs. Eaton uses thermally protected MOVs as their surge suppression component, which disconnect automatically when subjected to abnormal conditions.

Low cost filtering option

Surge protective devices with filtering don’t have to be expensive. Get the protection of EMI/RFI filtering in an affordable, compact footprint.

The perfect addition to Eaton electrical assemblies

The SPD is only available as an integrated add-on product for Eaton electrical assemblies.

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