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How to prevent cable bending, tearing and kinking during cable pulls

Don’t compromise your pathway and cable connections by using just any data hook for your data application, consider Eaton's B-Line series cable hooks.

Preserve the integrity of your pathway and connections by using Eaton’s extensive line of j-hook fasteners.

Eaton’s B-Line series cable hooks, also known as j-hooks, are designed to help reduce cable bends, tears and kinks when loading or pulling cables 5, 5e, 6 and 6a fiber optic, innerduct and low voltage wires.

Our cable hooks feature a recessed fastener that keeps the mounting fastener out of the path of the wire loading area. This greatly reduces the risk of the shielding catching on the fastener when loading, avoiding potential cable damage.

We offer a variety of options to meet your cable pathway requirements – including single-sided, double-sided, and multi-tiered cable hook options (cable retainers included).  

Plus, we offer multiple fasteners, attachments and supports for various mounting applications.

Mounting applications

  • Cable to ATR fastener
  • Angle bracket cable fasteners
  • Cable to beam fasteners
  • Cable to strut attachment
  • Cable to flange fastener
  • Cable to wire and rod fasteners
  • Cable to T-bar fasteners
  • Cable to floor support fasteners
  • Multi-tier bar supports
  • Multi-tier cable hook kits
  • Multi-tier attachment kits

Eaton's B-Line series J-hook capacities per series

Catalog no. Hook size Capacity up to
BCH12 3/4" 16 4-Pair UTP 50
Cat 5e or 2-Strand
Fiber Optic Cable 
or 10 CAT6
BCH21 1 5/16" 50 4-Pair UTP 50
Cat 5e or 2-Strand
Fiber Optic Cable 
or 32 CAT6 or 18 CAT6A
BCH32 2" 80 4-Pair UTP 50
Cat 5e or 2-Strand
Fiber Optic Cable 
or 50 CAT6 or 25 CAT6A
BCH64 4" 300 4-Pair UTP 25
Cat 5e or 2-Strand
Fiber Optic Cable
or 185 CAT6 or 98 CAT6A

Eaton offers a wide variety of fasteners to support communication cables and low voltage wires for data centers, network closets, light-duty cable pathways in buildings.

Fastener attachment options for Eaton's B-Line series J-hooks include:

  • Beam clamp
  • Strut fastener
  • Flange
  • Rod
  • T-bar
  • Guide-Rite




Faster installs for low voltage cable pathways

Eaton's B-Line series J-hook Color ID clip

How to get color-coded cable hooks quickly 

Time is money. That’s why it’s important to have stock options when it comes to color-coded cable hooks.   

Most suppliers only offer custom painted data hooks, also known as j-hooks, which have long lead-times.

Why not consider a stocked alternative that does the job just as well?

Eaton’s color-id clips are the ideal solution for your next cable pathway system identification requirement.

These color-code sleeves easily install onto BCH series j-hooks at the job-site or onto previously installed B-Line series j-hooks.  

Better yet, save more time on the job site - let us pre-assemble your j-hooks and color id clips and ship them directly to your job site.

The clips are manufactured from material that is suitable for use in air handling spaces in accordance with Section 300.22 (c) and (d) of the NEC and manufactured from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed material for plenum spaces.