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Distributed amplifier unit for public address & voice alarm systems

The EFDAU2000 voice distributed amplifier unit is an all-in-one, wall mounted voice alarm system that enables the user to issue amplified pre-recorded messages to building occupants following fire detection. These can be supplemented by live spoken messages from the fire service or management suite. The messages issued can be used to instruct people to help control the flow in stairwells and corridors allowing a safe and rapid evacuation of all building occupants.

Network ready, the EFDAU2000 has the capacity for up to 10 amplifier cards, with a mix of Eaton’s EF-D150 and EF-D500 possible. The panel has 12 audio inputs and internal storage for up to 64 recorded messages. With a maximum power of 2000W, this compact wall-mount enclosure provides integrated audio-over-IP networking (up to 32 panels in large decentralized systems), powerful audio processing, and integrated battery charger.

EFDAU2000 provides a complete voice alarm solution for a range of centralised and decentralised public address / voice alarm applications.

Certified to EN 54-16
Install centralised or decentralised
Connect up to 32 panels

Emergency situation? Unfamiliar surrroundings? Get the message through!

The evacuation of a commercial building can be triggered by a growing array of potential threats, including fire, acts of terrorism or extreme weather. With the growing number of busy, complicated or unfamiliar buildings, the process of guiding people to safety is becoming increasingly complex. Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems are key to giving clear messages that guide individuals to safety, which is why they are an essential part in evacuation planning today.

Design a voice alarm system to suit your building's requirements

The EFDAU2000 comes with a variety of optional components and accessories. This means that you can easily tailor the system to meet the requirements of your current and future projects, whether the system you need is for a single building, across a site, either centralised or distributed.
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