Technology Areas

The Roles
At the center of the engineering development in the region, you will have the opportunity to participate in new technology development and to contribute to future state of the art power management solutions. Each Eaton business will require the support of the Innovation Center for their new products, and you will be recognised as the experts due to your close relationships with universities and research centers.

Power Distribution
Power distribution is everywhere: power conversion, power quality, power systems, micro-grid, energy storage, vehicle electrification for industrial and aerospace applications. Hence why it is a strategic focus area for Eaton where our focus is Powering Business Worldwide.

Our activities will be aiming at several power distribution products targeted both to business and home use, relating software and hardware and touching both research and application development:

  • Development of software for wireless home automation system, bringing comfort, safety and energy management into the home. The system offers perfect and flexible solutions for light, shading and heating control in residential buildings and small offices.
  • Development of BreakerVisu, which is cost-effective solution for modern energy distribution. Our software for various types of touchscreen HMIs provides our customers with Multi-Breaker-Display that centrally and clearly displays all the operating data of their low-voltage switchgear system.
  • Design and development of electronic and firmware of circuit breaker electronic trip units. Eaton offers the widest variety of circuit breakers which serve a range of industries and applications.

By joining our team in Prague, you will be at the forefront of these R&D projects and will work closely with Eaton’s businesses in Europe and in the U.S. as well as our Innovation Centers.

IT Power
Everything - 24/7 – anywhere! Those are your conditions? Those are our challenges! Our clients who operate large data centers to ensure permanent access to all kinds of information at any time require reliable systems with very high power quality and efficiency.

And with the impressive development of  the digital cloud, we need you to work on the development of innovative solutions for power management in data centers and other IT environments. By joining our development team in Prague, you will contribute to this through deployment of advanced SNMP, XML, Web2.0, Open Source and Virtualization technologies. All that aiming at providing customers with breakthrough services to optimize energy efficiency and availability of IT critical applications.

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Vehicle Powertrain
With the proliferation of hybrid vehicles, automakers are researching technologies to improve the performance of fuel systems while meeting safety and emissions regulations. At Eaton, we are already dedicating a lot of resources in order to meet this challenge and by joining us in Prague, you will be at the center of the development of solutions for customers like VW Group, Volvo, E.ON and Czech Railways as well as lots of others who already utilize our innovative products in their cars.

The prime activity of the team dedicated to Vehicle Powertrain will be the development of future technologies for improvement of fuel efficiency of vehicles, through new generations of hybridization of transmission and maximizing the flexibility of air management of the Internal Combustion Engine, for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles markets.

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The hidden power that moves the technological world around us. With the highest power to weight ratio for energy transfer, hydraulics is the ideal technology for all market segments ranging from agricultural machinery to oil & gas exploration and mining equipment. The markets for hydraulics system solutions divide into mobile and industrial and consequently hydraulics technology divides into these two groups as well.

Hydraulics engineering team in EEIC focuses on development of new products and solutions for mobile and industrial segments that meet the need of EMEA customers. The team is also working on new technology development for performance enhancement, energy management and innovative smart control solutions for complex hydraulics systems.

These new state of the art products and technologies move the world around us and will continue to do so in more effective and efficient way thanks to the innovations being developed in the EEIC, Prague.

Industrial Automation
Removing complexity, increasing efficiency and improving reliability? At Eaton, these are our daily goals and by joining this team in Prague, you will be participating in development programs which are aiming at all that. The Industrial Automation activity is focusing mainly on 2 areas: Switch gear devices and Industrial logic controllers. Over the years, we have developed innovative products in those fields and we need you to continue to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. You will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects including the following:

  • Electronic control solutions for coils in power contactors
  • AC/DC power switching solutions for motor control or photovoltaic (PV)
  • Communation interfaces for switchgear devices like motor starters and circuit breakers
  • Electric trip units for molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs)
  • HMI-C devices and industrial communication “SmartWire-DT” 
  • Windows based software development for an "Automation Studio" for programming of logic controllers (PLC based) in accordance to IEC 61131
  • Porting of today's available Windows based “EASY-SOFT-pro” development tool for easyRelay's on smartphone and tablet PC operating systems like, iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Testing and verification of software and the functional behavior of devices in networked automation systems

Arc Physics
Arcing as small as sparks in home installation and as huge as explosive discharge when short circuit happens in high power distribution systems are in scope of Eaton’s global Arc Science team.  We strongly focus on providing safe and reliable electrical power management services to our customers.

This means working with fascinating physical phenomena of integral dynamics of thermal, electrical, materials, chemical, and radiation processes in electric arc. We bring deep understanding of physics at extreme high temperatures for new circuit breaker designs and technologies. We investigate the effect of faults in distribution networks and help clearing those faults safely and with lowest losses. We work with electrical installations to stop or prevent any kind of danger at residential homes and industrial facilities.  Electrical tests, physical analysis, numerical simulation and 3D modelling of physical processes of electrical arcs are our main tools to get insight and to find the next approach to make our world safer.

Learn more information about Molded Case Circuit Breakers or CH Arc Fault products.

Embedded Controls – Functional Safety and Fault Tolerant Systems
Embedded systems are everywhere. Eaton’s vision is to provide costumers with effective, safe and sustainable embedded control systems. Today embedded control systems are highly dependable and safety-critical products and their architectures transcend all engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, software and specialty engineering.

Our team is focused on ensuring that system dependability goals are achieved through robust system architectures, disciplined development practices, standards adherence that minimize the probability of occurrence, and adverse impact of random faults and design errors that can lead to service failures and loss of system availability, unsafe operation and potential harm.

As a member of our team, you will be working on new architectures that are shortening development cycle, reducing development, integration and testing costs, reducing price of the unit, increasing reliability and availability and increasing of payload of the control systems.

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Development Opportunities
The world is changing quickly. Want to be sure you won’t miss the next turn? Rest assured as Eaton cares for your development.  Whilst you manage your own career development, Eaton is committed to putting in place an environment offering opportunities to acquire or develop new competencies and to have access to programs and courses that will contribute to your development. We consider that constant learning is key to our success, so it is for yours as well.

If you are a recent graduate, Eaton offers a variety of development programs that are designed especially for you. The Eaton Leadership Development Programs prepare you for future functional or technological leadership positions by offering value added rotational assignments in which you will have the opportunity to gain practical and development experiences.

After completion of this two-year program in Europe, graduates will be prepared for key functional or engineering roles. These unique experiences will give you the chance to interact with leaders in different businesses and receive multiple networking and training opportunities. To learn more about the Eaton Leadership Development Programs, click on the appropriate link below.

If you are still studying and are looking for a temporary assignment or internship, Eaton has also something for you. We are regularly offering Engineering & Technology Internships that are designed to offer valuable work experience to a diverse mix of students demonstrating high level of ethics, values, creativity and performance. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and to get a first professional experience that could lead you to a variety of career paths. To learn more about the internship programs, click on the following link.

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