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What is an Eaton Experience Center?

To provide a global education solution with the unique ability to enable customers with hands-on training in multiple application environments, Eaton created first-of-its-kind Experience Centers located across the globe.

Our market-specific demonstrations empower customers to experience products within a solution-based application. With applications that step customers through the power management process from generation all the way down to the receptacle, Eaton Experience Centers focus on “pulling back the curtain” to give customers and opportunity to see the impact of their projects from a broad perspective and dive into operation of products, understanding the design, technology and installation practices of a product within that application.


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Training Types

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Experience Center training focuses on helping visitors understand the theory behind products, solutions, and industry standards through:
  • Training for knowledge levels from introductory to advanced
  • Written assessment formatting
  • Partnerships with industry-leading organizations
  • CEUs and PDHs
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Eaton recognizes the growing need for personnel to experience real products first-hand and works to help companies achieve this through:
  • Maintaining product integrity in a controlled, safe learning environment
  • Providing hands-on training capabilities with live products and solutions
  • Delivering interactive product demonstrations for a wide range of markets
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The Experience Centers provide the ability for visitors to identify and assess the application environment, install product, and test equipment on:
  • Full-scale applications from a mock petrochemical refinery to live data centers
  • Real demonstrations with live product testing capabilities
  • Customized product installations designed to function like your operational projects



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