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VoCALL Emergency assist standalone kit & accessories

VoCALL Emergency assist standalone kit and accessories provide the perfect solution for commercial building conformity across multiple uses, including retail, restaurants, offices and hotels.

The simple two-wire system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of disabled service users (check local regulations for guidance on requirements and compliance.)

The standalone kit includes: Ceiling pull cord, power supply, over door indicator, cancel button, disabled sticker. Other accessories available in the range include the kit without power supply (pull cord unit, cancel button, over door indicator); additional pull cord unit and the 4-way indicator splitter.

Eaton Emergency Assist Kit
Compiles with Document M and Equality Act 2010.
The kit includes all the components needed to install a fully compliant system.
Save time and money through simple installation and limited cabling with the kit.

How an emergency disabled assist system integrates into a building

1. The ceiling pull should be positioned so that its readily accessible from the WC or bath (where applicable).
2. The cancel button should be positioned so that it is reachable from the WC and a wheelchair.

3. The upper cord pull should be located between 800mm & 1000mm above floor level.

4. The lower cord pull should be exactly 100mm above the floor level (remove excess cord).
5. The over door indicator provides an audible and visual signal to indicate the area where assistance is required.
6. The power supply is situated in the corridor and supplied via a switched fuse spur.

Why must I have a disabled refuge emergency voice communication system?

Risk assessments of new buildings must make provision for means of escape of disabled people in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. Building Regulations dictate new non-domestic buildings with 1+ stories provide ‘refuge’ areas – relatively safe places where people who cannot easily escape can call for assistance and wait for help. Simple two-way communication in these areas is essential, to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is needed and to reassure people help is coming.

End user friendly, ensuring buildings are welcoming to all

The cancel button incorporates tactile braille signage to assist partially sighted users to easily cancel a call. Whilst the combination of blue LED indication and a buzzer ensures that alerts can be acted on quickly.

CFEAPULLKIT - the emergency assist standalone kit with everything you need in one box

The CFEAPULLKIT stand-alone emergency assist alarm kit includes everything needed to help you to conform to building regulations whilst meeting the needs of disabled service users.

Power supply unit
Pull cord unit
Over door indicator
Disabled sticker pack
Cancel button

Accessories for system customisation

The stand-alone emergency assist alarm kit includes everything needed to help you to conform to building regulations whilst meeting the needs of disabled service users.

Kit for linking to other VoCALL systems

Designed to integrated disabled call functions into the VoCALL network or VoCALL compact ranges.

4-way splitter

Support up to four standalone, disabled toilets monitored in one specific area with no need for individual power supplies.

Additional pull cord

For easily adding one extra pull cord to systems.

VoCALL - Trusted emergency communications system for projects large or small

VoCALL suits all sizes of installation from one and two outstation systems in small shops like Bon Marche, to a massive 364 line dual network system at Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City.

Over the years VoCALL has been installed on several high profile projects in some of the world’s most prestigious sites, from Wimbledon AELTCC and St Pancras stations in the UK to the Marina Towers and Jumeirah Tunnel in the Middle East.

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