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PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter

Demand more simplicity

With 14 basic parameters, SmartWire-DT connectivity and an intuitive configuration module, the PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter set up and commissioning is easy for any panel builder and MOEM. The DE1 was designed for customers who have basic application but still require variable frequency and advanced motor protection. The design allows customers to simplify their design and reduce installation and commissioning time while introducing an innovative solution to their system.

Core features for the DE1 variable speed starter

  • Compact, space-saving design 
  • Rugged design rated up to 60 deg C 
  • DIN rail and screw mountable 
  • Side-by-side installation 
  • Low capacitor design for low harmonics 
  • Contactor style power wiring 
  • RS-485/Modbus as standard 
  • Efficient, simple design without a keypad 
  • Three indicating LED for fault and condition status 
  • Smartwire-DT ready 
  • Removable I/O terminal blocks 
    • 3 digital inputs 
    • 1 digital/analogue (programmable) input 
    • 1 relay output 

PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter

Combines simple starting capabilities with variable speed efficiency

The PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter is a product that bridges the gap between a standard electromechanical starter and a variable frequency drive.

With industry-leading ease-of-use and a narrow, compact housing, the DE1 is designed to be used in flexible applications with value propositions unique to each application.

How much could you save in energy costs?

Lower your energy costs. Download the energy savings estimator to see how your energy consumption can be reduced by applying a VFD instead of an across-the-line starter.

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