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SPX high performance variable frequency drives

Demand more performance.

Eaton's SPX series of variable frequency drives are designed specifically for high-performance industrial applications. They feature high processing power and the ability to use information from an encoder or a resolver to provide precise motor control. In addition, a fast microprocessor provides high dynamic performance for applications where good motor handling and reliability are required.

Core features of the SPX high performance VFD

  • Sensorless vector and simple frequency control are supported.
  • The drives can be used in both open loop applications and in applications that require encoder feedback.
  • Single user experience from 1 to 3,000 hp.
  • Comes standard with 3% line reactor.
  • SPX supports fast drive-to-drive communication and an integrated data logger functionality.
  • Simultaneous fast monitoring of several drives can be done using the 9000X drive tool and CAN communications.
  • Variance available for Active Front End and DC link choke applications (SPA/SPN/SPI).

Learn more about dynamic breaking

How do you improve the speed with which a motor and load stops in a critical application? Download the application note on dynamic breaking to find out more.
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