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Distributed I/O

Eaton’s substation-grade SMP distributed I/O platforms are specially designed to meet the requirement for distributed I/O in modern utility substation automation systems. Our SMP distributed I/O platforms are the Linux-based SMP IO-2000 series, which includes the SMP IO-2230 and the SMP IO-2330 system, and the SMP I/O. All these platforms support binary inputs, binary outputs and analog inputs. The SMP I/O and SMP IO-2230 platforms operate with AC or DC voltage and the SMP IO-2330 system operates with DC voltage and offers pre-mapped I/O configurations with four (4) models. All platforms communicate over serial RS-485 or TCP/IP using fiber or copper Ethernet and can be integrated with the SMP Gateway or used as standalone I/O modules that connect directly to a master station. The SMP distributed I/O platforms are part of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.

Distributed I/O
Modular I/O configuration
Increased flexibility
Easy integration to automation platform
Improved productivity
Substation grade
Rugged reliability

Características Principales

  • Seamless networking facilitated through the SMP distributed I/O’s Ethernet and RS-485 ports, and by relying on the industry-standard DNP3 protocol
  • The SMP IO-2000 series platforms also support IEC 61850 and GOOSE messaging 
  • The SMP IO-2000 series platforms feature integrated micro-PLC and full integration with the SMP Gateway management application 
  • The SMP IO-2000 series platforms comply with industry cybersecurity standards (certified under UL 2900-2-2, certification is pending for the SMP IO-2330 system)
  • The SMP IO-2230 platform is Linux-based and designed for growth with up to 64 I/Os
  • The SMP IO-2330 system is Linux-based and offers 4 pre-mapped rack- and wall-mount models in a compact form factor, with all connectors located at the front of the device
  • The SMP I/O platform provides up to 32 I/Os
  • Part of the Eaton's RTU upgrade solutions

Leading cybersecurity

Eaton's SMP IO-2230 is the first utility substation automation technology certified under UL 2900-2-2.

Typical applications

When using a standalone distributed I/O unit, a master station can monitor and control remote devices using the DNP3 protocol, with accurate IRIG-B time-stamping, effectively replacing a traditional RTU. It is designed to provide seamless integration with the SMP Gateway automation platform. It transparently adds support for discrete and analog I/O to the automation platform. Eaton's SMP Gateway extends the distributed I/O platforms through its extensive protocol support, advanced logic processing, built-in HMI and security features.

Supporting IEDs in distributed systems

The architecture of automation systems has moved from a centralized approach, based on large RTUs, to distributed systems based on Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) with built-in I/O capability. However, not all I/O can be managed by the IEDs and numerous functions require an I/O processor. Eaton’s SMP distributed I/O platforms are specially designed to fill this gap.