Fire detection systems
Modular rack-mounted addressable fire alarm control panel
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Modular rack-mounted addressable fire alarm control panel

The R6000 is a range of 19" rack-mounted, fully modular addressable fire alarm control panels available in 2 or 4 loop capacity. Designed to be housed in either Eaton's own 19" floor rack unit (39UECRACK) or in non-Eaton 19" rack units, the R6000 range enables buildings to house the fire alarm control panel either in server, rack or control rooms instead of mounted to the wall.

Alongside housing multiple fire alarm control panels together in one unit it also enables several independent building management systems to be housed collectively. Simplifying the installation and ongoing use of the various systems for end users. Making it a dynamic option for medium to larger sized sites which require numerous control systems and networked fire alarm control panels.

Networkable to other Eaton addressable panels, repeaters and mimic panels as well as an alarm manager graphic system, the system can support up to 126 panels in one arrangement. The flexible nature of the system allows for modules to be added or removed without major modification even after manufacture and commissioning has taken place.

Simple servicing
Comprehensive service and engineering functions
Integral battery and power supply
Up to 64 network "virtual contacts"

For medium to large sites with a central server, rack or control rooms

On medium to large sites, the installation of multiple fire alarm control panels can be a costly and protracted endeavour. What the R6000 offers is the opportunity to have numerous networked control panels in one room.

Hidden away from the public, it removes the requirement to mount the networked control panels on multiple walls. Speeding up installation time by eliminating one task of many for integrators and keeping the building's architect happy by lessening the impact of the system on the structure's walls.

Modular design with the ability to combine multiple building management systems in one unit

Based on a standard rack configuration the R6000 can combine a number of different modules including fire detection, alarm signalling, public address/voice alarm and plant control in one unit. Bringing various building management service together in one easy to use and maintain rack unit.

No task too large with up to 65,512 addressable points

When we say the R6000 is designed for large sites we really mean it. Engineered to enable up to 126 x 19" rack modules the system can support 504 loops, the equivalent of 64,512 addressable points.

Don't worry if you don't want to use the full system capacity, each rack can be customised to meet the demands of your project with 2 or 4 loop rack panels and blanking plates available to enable a tidy finish on the slam-latch lock door fronted unit.

Maintenance at the touch of a screen

Touch screens have come to dominate how we interact with many systems in everyday life and Eaton was at the forefront of bringing the technology to the fire market with the CF3000. 14 years later and we've continued to evolve its use enabling the R6000 interface to be versatile and easy to use for any end user.

Typical Eaton floor rack unit

1. Slam-latch lock door
Easy close door for quick and secure maintenance.
2. R6000 control panels
Either 2 or 4 loop 19" rack mounted Eaton fire alarm control panel, network up to 126 panels for the largest sites.
3. Mild steel body in a light grey finish
Solid steel finish protecting the system from impacts.
4. Non-Eaton control units
Add other building management systems such as alarm signalling, public address/voice alarm and plant control panels into the same rack unit.
5. Blanking plates
Want a clean finish when not utilising the full capability of the unit? Add blanking plates to suit the project.

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