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Eaton E2 mining molded case circuit breaker

The Eaton E2 Mining Molded Case Circuit Breaker offers users a higher quality experience and a safer work environment. Rugged design and tested dependability for harsh and hazardous environments are two of the reasons Eaton has been the undisputed leader in electric power distribution to the mining industry for 40 years. The mining molded case circuit breaker protects all sizes of trailing cable defined by MSHA, and as a result, minimizes panel design and reduces inventory requirements. Available in 7 frame sizes up to 2000A and 1000VAC.

Eaton E2 mining molded case circuit breaker

A continued tradition

With Eaton’s mining molded case circuit breakers, we’re continuing a 40-year tradition of being the undisputed leader in electric power distribution to the mining industry. Mining molded case circuit breakers exemplify Eaton’s commitment to the mining industry.
MSHA 30 CFR 75
Trailing Cable Protection
Arcflash reduction

Core features of Eaton mining molded case circuit breakers

  • Extensive field testing in harsh environments as well as tough design ensure highest quality and dependability.
  • Protects all sizes of trailing cable defined by MSHA with just two frames and three trip units, minimizing panel design time and reducing inventory requirements.
  • Most trip units and accessories can be field installed, providing on-site customization capabilities and easy replacement.
  • Built-in test port makes it convenient to field test electronic breakers using an optional hand-held test kit.
  • Eaton Authorized Breaker Service options extend the life of your breakers with cleaning, testing, calibrating, handle or cover replacement, and more, bringing your circuit breakers to factory restored standard.
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Faster than instantaneous

Eaton's electronic trip units are available with mining molded case circuit breakers. Electronic trip units are designed to meet a broad range of monitoring and protection requirements. Curve shaping, zone selective interlocking, arcflash reduction, diagnostics, and system monitoring and communications are all features available by selecting the appropriate trip unit for the specific requirement.

Eaton's molded case circuit breaker portfolio

Eaton manufactures a variety of molded case circuit breakers designed for use in multiple industries and conditions. Take a look at our MCCB portfolio.
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