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Ethernet switches

Power Xpert Ethernet Switches provide communications from the factory floor or facility basement to the front-end office. Two compact models provide up to 6 port ethernet switches. Flexible configurations allow expanded networks. Designed for high ambient temperatures, it is ideal for industrial use. Since cooling doesn't require internal airflow, it resists dust, dirt, moisture, smoke, and insects. 

Ethernet switches
High ambient temperature
Designed for industrial use
Easy of integration
Plug-and-play implementation

Core features

  • Simultaneous, full-duplex, wire-speed communication on all ports enables multiple port usage without drag on network performance or bottlenecks that slow down the network.
  • Plug-and-play implementation, requiring no software or additional hardware for configuration, allows for easy integration into the Power Xpert Architecture.
  • Ability to add convenient network connections anywhere enhances system-wide communications.
  • Use of convection cooling removes the need for fans, which increases reliability.

Expand the communication capability of your power system.

Eaton’s Power Xpert Ethernet Switches are ideal for extending Ethernet networks via CAT5 wiring or fiber in harsh, industrial environments. Built with high-grade components and constructed using special thermal techniques, PXE Switches can withstand the unpredictable conditions of such environments.