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Harmonic mitigating transformers

The distorted current waveform created by non-linear loads can cause many problems in an electrical distribution system. Eaton's Harmonic Mitigating “phase-shifting” Transformers are cost-effective, energy efficient, highly reliable passive devices that are always on the job, treating harmonics regardless of the level of load they are serving at a given point in time. They are designed to treat a wide variety of harmonics, including harmful triplen harmonic currents.
Harmonic mitigating transformers
15 – 1000 kVA
Phase shift
0°, -30°, +15°, -15°
Winding conductor
Aluminum or copper

Core features

  • Includes  transformers with DOE 2016 and NEMA TP-1 efficiency requirements, and transformers with other efficiency requirements
  • Harmonic mitigating (cancellation) transformers are a cost-effective means of treating harmful harmonics in electrical distribution systems
  • Third-party tested for harmonic performance and energy efficiency
  • Available in a variety of phase-shift configurations that allow flexibility to target specific families of harmonics
  • Harmonic treatment provided entirely by electromagnetic flux cancellation; no filters, capacitors, or other such devices are used, reducing parts and maintenance
  • Single electrostatic shield for attenuation of common mode and transverse mode noise
  • Transformers include a versatile bonding/grounding bar affixed to the bottom panel as standard, to provide compliance with NEC 450.10(A)

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