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Pow-R-Line Xpert 2X lighting and appliance panelboards

Eaton's Pow-R-Line Xpert 2X (PRL2X) lighting and appliance panelboards provide a compact and flexible solution for electric power distribution with integrated breakers, metering and surge protection. Additionally, they’re designed to meet UL 67 and NEMA PB1 standards for use in data centers, industrial, commercial and healthcare facilities for up to 480 Vac, 250 Vdc and 600 A applications.

Pow-R-Line Xpert 2X lighting and appliance panelboards
Maximum voltage class
480 Vac and 250 Vdc
Interrupting rating
Fully-rated to 65 kAIC Series-rated to 200 kAIC
Continuous current rating
100-600 amps

Core features

  • Includes Eaton’s Power Defense molded case circuit for main and sub-feed circuit breakers
  • Available with plug-on breakers up to 100 A and bolt-on breakers up to 100 A
  • Provides flush- or surface-mounted, and fully- or series-rated options
  • Offers aluminum or copper bus options
  • Provides up to 84 branch circuit devices
  • Nema 1, 2, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 enclosures available
  • Offers sub-feed or through-feed lugs, single or dual sub-feed breaker options and a handle lock off device
  • Includes surge protection, service entrance and integrated metering capabilities
  • Panelboard are seismically tested, qualified and exceed requirements of the IBC/CBC/OSHPD


Guardian of the grid

The Pow-R-Line Xpert family features consistent interface functionality across our entire panelboard and switchboard line.

Watch video series

For a deep insight into the Pow-R-Line Xpert family, view our video series covering these topics:

  • Understanding the Pow-R-Line Xpert family
  • Increase productivity with breaker health diagnostics
  • Integral metering and versatile communications
  • Enhanced safety through ARMS functionality

    Interact with a product demo

    Click through an interactive experience to learn more about the Pow-R-Line Xpert products. Explore 360 product views, software simulations and product builds. For optimal experience, open in Google Chrome.

    Pow-R-Line Xpert includes Power Defense molded case circuit breakers

    Circuit breakers with communicating electronic trip units that have the ability to generate data to help you optimize your facilities' performance and to help keep your employees, customers and end-users safe by reducing the risk of arc flash events.

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