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Pow-R-Command expansion panelboard

Pow-R-Command expansion panelboards (PRCEP) are generally connected to PRCE master panelboards or external mounted PRCE controllers via system SLAN network. PRCEP panelboards include Breaker Control Bus (BCB) switching electronics and remote-operated circuit breakers. Third-party control systems that use Modbus RTU communications can also be used to switch remote-operated circuit breakers. 

Expansion panelboard
System scalability
Reduces system costs
Integrated design
Branch-circuit protection and lighting control
Modbus RTU communications

Core features

  • Provides switching control when connected to PRCE master panelboard subnet (SLAN)
  • Integral Modbus RTU communications allows third party control systems to directly control remote-operated circuit breakers without the need for PRCE controller
  • Commonly used lighting panelboard mains configurations, sizes, electrical ratings and accessories

Designed to meet mandated energy codes

Meets ASHRAE, IECC and California Title 24 standards for network lighting control systems

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