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Power Xpert Gateway

Eaton’s Power Xpert Gateways (PXGs) come equipped with a powerful, yet simplified, user interface, providing a remote, efficient, information-rich window into a facility’s energy and power systems. The PXG acquires and consolidates data from devices typically found in electrical assemblies and systems. It’s a flexible data aggregation solution for low- and medium-voltage switchgear, switchboards, panel boards, transfer switches, and motor control centers.

Power Xpert Gateway

Core features

  • Intuitive setup reduces time and expense for configuration of serial devices for power monitoring and communications with upstream systems, such as BMS and SCADA systems.
  • Protect your network by putting devices behind a single secure access point with role-based access control.
  • Convert serial protocols (INCOM and Modbus RTU), and enable access through an Ethernet network via HTTP/HTTPS, Modbus TCP, BACnet IP and SNMP.
  • Enables rich, modern visualization for basic serial devices in a single, system-agnostic view (system electrical parameters, historical data and alarms) via web browser.

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The power to support your operational goals

Cost effective energy monitoring option with the PXG900

The PXG 900 acquires and consolidates data from devices typically found in electrical assemblies and systems.  No other device can bring together such valuabe date from multiple components.

    Safeguard your data and connected devices

    Product and data security are important, which is why our solution offers secure connectivity to downstream devices, along with Ethernet access providing cybersecurity.