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Power Xpert Gateway

The Power Xpert Gateway 900 comes equipped with a powerful, yet simplified, user interface, providing a remote, efficient, information-rich window into a facility’s energy and power systems. The PXG900 acquires and consolidates data from devices typically found in electrical assemblies and systems. It’s a flexible data aggregation solution for low- and medium-voltage switchgear, switchboards, panel boards, transfer switches, and motor control centers. 

    The PXG 900 acquires and consolidates data from devices typically found in electrical assemblies and systems.  No other device can bring together such valuabe date from multiple components.

    Core features

    • Simple configuration and setup: Intuitive configuration menus and standardized device support significantly reduces system setup time.
    • Secure network communications: Two levels of password-protected authorized users, SSL encryption for secure Web browsing, and access control/trusted host limits access to system data.
    • Network Tab: Quickly view the general configuration of the gateway, serial communication ports, and devices.
    • Alarms Tab: View, acknowledge, sort and filter device alarms from a single screen for the devices communicating in cache mode through the gateway.
    • One-lines Tab: Create and view a graphical representation of a one-line diagram based on the user’s desired representation.
    • Device Details: Drill down to view all available channel data for any connected device via the device sidebar.
    • Trend Viewer: Easily view changes for selected device channels over a desired time range. Also, use the Trend Viewer to compare devices against one another and export trend data files.
    • Connects to both Eaton and third-party electrical equipment; communicates to INCOM and Modbus RTU devices Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP support facilitates integration with third-party monitoring solutions.

    Business demands 24/7 power and energy monitoring.

    Whether monitoring electrical systems of industrial or commercial facilities, Eaton’s PXG 900 delivers the information you need when it is needed. The ultra-compact PXG 900 may be installed in electrical assemblies or systems to acquire and consolidate data from components such as trip units, meters, relays, drives, and I/O devices.

    Power and energy monitoring that supports your operational goals.

    Every business faces decisions about data: what to collect, how to collect it, proper analysis and decisioning to meet performance requirements. Eaton's PXG 900 is designed to help you understand system performance and guide actions to support operational needs.

    Make better decisions faster—at a glance.

    Simply by using your web browser, you can view detailed interfaces such as networking, alarms, trends, configurable settings, voltages, and current. Additionally, you can view multiple gateways and other power system equipment through Foreseer or Power Xpert cloud application software.