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Eaton Power-Suppress 600

The Eaton Power-Suppress 600 is a three-phase K rated isolation transformer that offers superior power conditioning. More than just an efficient isolation transformer, the T600 provides noise attenuation from input, output and system backfeed noise distortion. Commonly used in schools, laboratories, theaters and anywhere else harmonics can present a problem to installed equipment, the Eaton Power-Suppress 600 isolation transformer is the ideal solution to ensure equipment’s hassle free operation and longevity. 

Protect against triplen harmonics

If left unchecked, triplen harmonics (3rd, 9th, 15th, 21st, etc.) can wreak havoc in your facility. The Power-Suppress 600 transformer is your best line of defense for whole panel protection against the most damaging kinds of harmonics, by combining harmonics in the nodes of the primary winding, so they are not present in the resulting waveform. 5th and 7th harmonics are also reduced through a 30° shift into the winding.

Up to 146 dB of common mode noise attenuation

The Power-Suppress 600 comes standard with two full-length electrostatic shields that provide 126 dB of common mode noise attenuation. An optional third shield adds an additional 20 dB of noise attenuation. Additional UL 1449 Surge protector and UL 1283 filter provides 40 dB normal mode noise attenuation.
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