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Handheld tools

Eaton handheld field tools, including the Trimble device, allow utility personnel to interact with Eaton RF network devices, enhancing remote operations, installation, configuration and troubleshooting capabilities. Handheld tools are sold as part of Eaton's comprehensive demand response and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions. Handheld field tools are part of Eaton's Demand Response solutions.

Handheld tools
Ergonomic design
Easy to use
Save time
Powerful diagnostics
Ease troubleshooting

Core features

  • Validates communication with devices including electric, water, and gas endpoints as well as network infrastructure hardware
  • Detailed troubleshooting and diagnostic information

Handheld device facilitates troubleshooting

The widely-recognized Trimble handheld device features an integrated radio and Eaton’s Network Scout software, which facilitates troubleshooting and interrogation of network infrastructure and endpoint devices.

Validate connectivity to difficult locations

The Fast Network Join feature allows devices to immediately establish a communications path, validating connectivity to difficult locations during installation, saving time for utility personnel.
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