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Transmission system software applications

Connectivity projects related to the transmission system backbone require specific simulations to identify and address potential problems, as well as managing system performance and reliability. Eaton’s CYME transmission system software applications support modeling and analysis of medium-scale projects that incorporate decentralized generation.

Manage system performance
Identify and resolve potential problems
Network design
Properly select and size network assets
Protection scheme design
Ensure system reliability and security

Core features

  • Optimize system operation and minimize energy loss with properly sized equipment
  • Identify abnormal operating conditions in both steady state and transient conditions
  • Evaluate power factor, harmonic distortion problems and resolve using correct filter design
  • Validate various protection schemes including distance relays
  • Model equipment controls to simulate their behavior for system stability studies
  • Assess system reliability through what-if scenarios involving multiple contingencies

Accurate network modeling

Modeling transmission lines--from generation to the end-use customers--with all associated equipment is the basis of any sound network simulation.

Planning system assets and ratings

Minimize energy losses and optimize operation with proper planning of transmission networks and on-site generation units.

System analysis for improved network efficiency

Simulate different operating conditions, assess the stability of a transmission system under different contingencies and loading conditions and examine cost-efficient operational alternatives.
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