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Fan controls and combination devices

Eaton’s fan controls vary the speed of air flow and employ special circuitry to quiet the fan's motor at low speeds. Install the device in place of a standard switch to add convenient fan control with quiet, smooth actuation. Tri-combo and ground screws help allow easy accesibility and installation. The top and back body are virtually unbreakable, and the device features electrostatic discharge protection, radio frequency interface filtering, and power failure memory. Eaton fan controls are available with color change kits and are compatible with traditional-style or screwless wallplates.

Fan controls and combination devices
feature reduced fan humming at low speeds and enable quiet fan control

Core features

  • Replaces a standard switch and adds fan control capabilities  
  • Single pole and 3-way wiring offered in a single unit
  • Compatible with any traditional switch wallplate or screwless wallplate
  • Available in color change kits with three different colors for increased flexibility and convenience

Quiet control

Eaton’s quiet fan speed controls reduce fan humming at low speeds and enable quiet fan control. Designed for single pole and 3-way (multi-location) installations, these devices offer more control capabilities when upgrading standard fan switches.

Design solutions

Eaton’s quiet fan speed controls are available in decorator, toggle, rotary and Aspire design styles, with a variety of colors and combinations.
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