The Brightlayer Industrial suite

With remote monitoring, management and control applications and services, the Brightlayer Industrial suite helps you optimize the power of your process. 

As industrial plant professionals, you not only work in some of the harshest environments imaginable, you contend with operational challenges that increase risk to your people, assets and the bottom line. But with the right data in hand, facility, operations and maintenance managers can protect their personnel and equipment, make decisions that maximize revenue-generating space and reduce capital investments.

What’s required is one consolidated view of the equipment powering your process. That’s where Brightlayer shines.

The Brightlayer Industrial suite is a collection of digital solutions, insights and services that help you forecast and remediate failure, prevent downtime and help ensure safety for your unique operation.

Stay steps ahead of power optimization challenges

Staff shortages. Logistical headaches. Cumbersome data collection. Downtime.

We understand your power challenges. The Brightlayer Industrial suite offers high-performance solutions for the most common operational challenges you face, shining a light on new opportunities:

diagnostics and monitoring leads to greater up time

Reduce personnel risk and downtime: 
switch from manual to automated data collection 

A dependable labor pool is increasingly hard to build and maintain. Dispatching already limited resources into the field to collect data can stretch you thin. And sending them to remote, isolated and hazardous locations can put their safety at risk.

The Brightlayer Industrial suite enables you to reduce driving risk and personnel time, by migrating data from the edge to the cloud, automatically. You’ll reduce labor cost, lessen vehicle wear and reinforce employee safety. 

Stay informed:
see data in one place without hunting for it

There’s so much data to consider. But operations managers lack detailed process performance views and often can’t fully optimize information—leaving them to track data and processes manually.

The Brightlayer Industrial suite eliminates manual tracking and enables stakeholder-automated reporting to keep everyone informed.

Forecast failure and act: 
predict and fix problems before downtime strikes

It’s hard to prepare for sudden downtime. Unexpected malfunctions and unplanned repairs can grind production to a halt, drive up costs and eat into your bottom line.

The diagnostics, online system monitoring and advanced alerts built into the Brightlayer Industrial suite drive equipment efficiency. You’ll more easily forecast potential failure points and plan maintenance activities to keep systems running without interruption. 

Data protection

Eaton respects your preferences about the processing of your personal data. Our privacy policy is tailored for the different ways your personal data is collected by Eaton.

Remote monitoring: Proactive. Driven by data.

Give your team the flexibility to access data from all your electrical equipment (Eaton’s and other manufacturers’) across all your locations for enterprise-wide visibility to your operations.

Trust our Brightlayer Industrial remote monitoring application to:

  • Alert you of anomalies in real-time with 24/7 equipment monitoring 
  • Reduce downtime by identifying current and potential production issues and triggering responses
  • Analyze data to plan equipment replacement and maintenance
  • Control operating and energy expenses by seeing power use and peak consumption